Farhad Sadeghi Amini is a prominent and well known artist of his generation, born in 1963 in Iran. In 2002, he graduated from the University with an MA in Fine Arts, specialized in painting.Since he moved to Canada in 2011, he has continued his art activity and teaching at Supernal Arts Academy in Vancouver. He was a Senior Education Administrator and Instructor. He also went on to establish the accredited college, “Canadian Arts and Sciences Academy” in Vancouver.  Besides teaching, he has continued exhibiting his artworks in New York, Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby.  Being a Director on the Burnaby Arts Council, he has also been a juror for the Burnaby Film Forum (BFF).

From his early teens, Farhad has been an artist devoted to his passion for arts.  He has been consistently involved in various aspects of art. This includes, creating artworks, teaching art and writing and publishing various books. Moreover, he has exhibited in 30 exhibitions in 20 countries around the world.  “During my life, I have taken great satisfaction in creating many art pieces and educating students and this has helped me be grateful for every moment of my life.”Farhad states.

Farhad is an artist that has create a bridge between traditions and modern art and has created a consistent character for himself. Thus, his art brings the sweet moment of the past and gifts the viewer with a positive and hopeful future. His work is distinguished from other artists by the smooth movement of his brush and composure and harmony of color and space within the artwork as well as meticulous detail that is generated by the combination of the free movement of the brush and beautiful color creation. His detailed but hopeful description of an artistic scene, not only invites the viewers to see the world from a beautiful point of view but also make them to ponder deeply and to feel the world differently.

Farhad art works are in the collections of various museums in Iran such as “Saad Aabaad Museum Tehran”, “Tehran contemporary art museum ”, “Academy of Fine Arts, Tehran”, “Treasures of visual arts” as well as in “Kastantinov” museum in Kazakhstan and the Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Wellington, New Zealand. Many of his artworks are also owned   by private collectors.

He is also a skillful in photographer and similarly to his paintings he has a curious mindset that seeks beauty. He believes that the contemporary people are less able to see the beauty of the world due to their involvement with the hectic daily life. Through his photographs, Farhad invites the viewers to think about work and their inner feelings differently, to once again be grateful about their existence by re-examining their viewpoints.









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