An artist from a previous generation inspiring the new generation

Farhad Sadeghi Amini is a prominent and well known artist of his generation born in 1963 in Iran.  He graduated from the University of Tehran with a B.A. in Fine Arts in1992 , specializing in Painting, and a M.A. of Fine Arts in 2002 also specializing in Painting.

Since he moved to Canada in 2011, he has continued his art activity-painting and teaching at Supernal Arts Academy in Vancouver where he was Senior Education Administrator and Senior Education Instructor.   He went on to establish the accredited college, Canadian Arts and Sciences Academy also in Vancouver.  Besides teaching, he has continued exhibiting his artworks in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby.  Being a Director on the Burnaby Arts Council, he has also been a juror for the Burnaby Film Forum (BFF).

From his early teens Farhad  has been an artist devoted to the arts.  He has been consistently involved in various aspects of art, including creating art pieces, teaching art, writing and publishing various books and articles related to art.   Moreover, he has exhibited in 50 exhibitions in 20 countries around the world.  “During my life, I have taken great satisfaction in creating many art pieces and educating students,” Farhad states, ”and this has helped me be grateful for every moment of my life.”

Farhad is an artist connected to a previous generation with the ability to inspire a new generation that ponders about a hopeful future

Farhad Sadeghi Amini is an artist and painter, who was inspired by the Persian literature and art. He started his education in the city of Isfahan in 1977 in the famous city art school. The school provided an artistic and academic atmosphere with eminent Iranian art educators such as Professor Hashemi whom were the followers of the gifted Persian painter Kamal’ol’molk.

His major focus has been painting the human figure. After graduation from the art school in 1983, all the Universities in Iran were shut down due to the Iranian revolution. As a result, he couldn’t pursue University education right away. However, after the re-opening of the Universities in 1983, he pursued his Bachelor of Education in Tehran University. Due to the post-revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, his art lacked beautiful colors and hopeful messages and the feeling of utter desperation and cold atmosphere were apparent in his work. Farhad’s artwork has been inspired by Persian painting but with an atmosphere full of secrets and metaphor. One of his major characteristics is the hopefulness in his paintings. He achieves this distinguishing feature by the fluid movement of his brush and colorful paintings. 

Between 1988 and 1993 right after graduating from Tehran University, he started to view the world differently and produce more modern paintings.

        From 1993 to 2010, he started teaching the foundation of art in “Elm and   Farhang”, “Kashan” and “Tarbiat Modares” Universities. Meanwhile, he achieved his Master’s Degree from the “Shahed” University and was selected as the elite academic member of the University, where he continued teaching art for 6 years.

During these years, Farhad conducted many exhibitions around the world. He also published many books and papers related to visual arts.

Farhad was involved in the famous art festivals conducted in Iran such as the Youth Artist Festival. He also distinguished himself as Referee for the International Kharazami Festival for 6 consecutive years.

Farhad art works are in the collections of various museums in Iran such as “Saad Aabaad”, “Honarhayeh Ziba”, “Farhangestan Honar Tehran”, “Ganjehayeh Honarhayeh Tajasomi” as well as in “Kastantinov” museum in Kazakhstan and the Academy of Modern Art Museum in Wellington, New Zealand. Many of his artworks are also owned by private collectors.

He is also a skillful in photographer and similarly to his paintings he has a curious mindset that seeks beauty. He believes that the contemporary people are less able to see the beauty of the world due to their involvement with the hectic daily life. Through his photographs, Farhad invites the viewers to think about work and their inner feelings differently, to once again be grateful about their existence by re-examining their viewpoints.

Since 2011, Farhad has been living in Vancouver, Canada. In 2013, he became the Director of Education at the Supernal Arts Academy. He also taught art classes since 2015 in the academy. In 2015, he founded the “Canadian Art and Science Academy”. Currently, he is involved in the administrative and teaching aspect of the school. Since 2011, he has also been involved in various exhibitions in the city. Farhad also has been a Director of the Burnaby Art Council since 2011, contributing, promoting and expanding the arts in the city of Burnaby. His work as an advocate for a New Art Gallery has assisted in gaining a new awareness for this need.

Farhad has been lately started a new set of paintings focusing on politics and politicians. This painting set has a different angle in portraying the politics which is a new approach both from historical and contemporary perspectives. This set contains fifteen paintings that will soon be ready for exhibition.


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